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Amira Willighagen Amazing Grace CIG Performance The scenic journey Updated

UPDATED! Amira Willighagen performed at the Classics is Groot, Pretoria, South Africa, June 2017.

Amira Offical YouTube:

Amira Online:

Classic's Is Groot DVD and CD are now available. Please consider using Amira's charity Stichting Geluskinders to purchase your DVD and/or CD.

Stichting Gelukskinders (English: Luck Children’s Foundation):

Copyright acknowledgement for music.
© Afrikaans is Groot
© Classics is Groot
© Coleske Artists
© Groot Tunes

I make no claim to any of the audio or video of this production.

I do not monetize this video.

The Video portion is the "Live" performance of Amazing Grace. Additional video was added to enhance portions of Amira's live performance video.

The supplemental video was part of the following presentation by Gloria Franchi:"

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