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Mozart: Complete Symphonies

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From the Symphony No.1, composed when Mozart was just eight years old, to the mature and well-loved ‘Haffner’, ‘Prague’ and ‘Jupiter’ symphonies, this comprehensive 11-CD set collects together Mozart’s complete body of work in this genre, performed on period instruments by the Mozart Akademie Amsterdam and conducted by Jaap ter Linden.

Mozart is recognised as one of the great composers of the Classical symphony, building upon the achievements made by his mentor Joseph Haydn to develop its form. At the time that he composed his Symphony No.1 in 1764, the symphony’s form was still closely linked to that of the French opera overture, with three short movements in a fast-slow-fast pattern. Gradually, composers like Haydn began to expand this structure to the four-movement form that we are familiar with as the Classical symphony. These fascinating developments in style and structure can be heard in Mozart’s changing approach to symphonic composition throughout his career, and the booklet notes that accompany this release trace such developments in depth."

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