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Relaxing Sounds - Zen - Chinese Bamboo Flute with Nature Sounds

Hello dear viewer, this video's description contains some helpful info and answers to FAQ!

A kind commenter has also provided more information on the musical piece featured in the video you are currently watching. It is as follows:

Title: Man's Reasons
Artist: Relax Folk from the Planet Studio
Album: Japan. Japanese Tradition. Music from Around the World.

I cannot personally vouch for the accuracy of this information but I hope some viewers may find it helpful.

Thank you all once again for watching, and have a great day.

Update 2:

Although I am glad a lot of people have found this video to be relaxing over the years, another user on YouTube has uploaded the full one hour track for your enjoyment. You may want to check it out instead. It can be found at the following URL:

Unfortunately to this day I still cannot confirm who the music composer is.

Update 1:

The image used in this video is indeed by an artist named Tsukushi Akihito.

/end of updates

Take it easy.

I'm not sure who composed the piece, but once again, I thought it was very nice, so I wanted to share it. This is actually only a segment of an hour long track, but alas, I can only upload up to 10 minutes worth of video. I hope you enjoy it, have a nice day.

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