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This Life Is For Freedom — By God's Grace, I Came Here For You

10 March 2019
Rishikesh, India

The last official Satsang of the 2019 Rishikesh season begins with Moojibaba declaring that "This season has been one of transcendence."

A long time follower approaches Mooji with a request to be brought into clarity again and quickly, she is reminded of her capacity to observe, and then to comment about this observer. The Satsang continues to probe us in this manner until the end, where the room is filled with gratitude.

"Thank you, beautiful beloved Sage,
For ushering us, into a golden age,
For offering us, the priceless key,
That can help us, to be truly free,
For helping us transcend God’s test,
And bringing us home, in our hearts, to rest."

Moojibaba closes the season with a blessing. "Thank you everyone, because I came here for you. I came here for you, by God’s Grace.

This season has been enough. Wherever you go from here, may this seed of understanding continue to germinate and to sprout and to bear fruit."


Live music after Satsang: "You Are Always in My Heart" by Moojibaba, performed by Mooji and the Sangha.

The downloadable version of this Satsang is available on Mooji.TV: "

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