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Open the Eyes of Your Heart, Look, Everywhere Is God

Satsang with Mooji in Monte Sahaja, Portugal
22 March 2019

This is an excerpt from the first Satsang that is called by Moojibaba after the Rishikesh season. It is very profound in that the questions, as Moojibaba remarks, are not about the person, but are raised in an attempt to deepen and clarify the seeing of the questioners. A very deep Satsang with a mature audience of seekers.

“It is very nice to come back and to sit with you like this. I feel good that if we can have this quality of satsang, this quality of introspection together, that is not some kind of mental messing around. Only if I can feel we are somehow conversing inside the very pulse of consciousness, then, yes — this sangha is alive. A Satsang like this is not going to last very long.

Something is coming to say, ‘Open the eyes of your heart, look, everywhere is God!’”

This talk is an excerpt from "Post India Season: First Satsang at Monte Sahaja" available on Sahaja Express:

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