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Choying Dolma(Drolma) and Guqing in Shanghai 琼音卓玛与成公亮 梵呗古琴音乐会

《心与灵——梵呗与古琴音乐会》 2011/9/26 @ 上海贺绿汀音乐厅, Shanghai

I. Chanting by Choying Drolma 梵唄:琼英·卓玛
Yumchen Turkar《度灵》5'40
Great Compassion Mantra Verses《大悲咒》6'10

[Break / 中场休息]

II. Guqin solo by Cheng Gong-liang 成公亮古琴独奏
Missing An Old Friend《忆故人》9'58
The Eight Movement of Pao-Xiu-Luo-Lan (Extract)《袍修罗兰》(节选) 6'10
Melody of Contemplation《沉思的旋律》7'38

III. Improvisation of Guqin and Voice 古琴与声音之即兴 15'00

Flute:Mao Yu Long 箫:毛宇龙
Percussion: Huo Yong Gang 打击乐:霍永刚

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