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Turtle Doves

Image que j'aime...Lumière...



Snow Maiden-





Dryad original painting-






Poppies original painting-




Fleur D'Amour original painting-




<strike>Persephone original</strike> SOLD-





Dragon Prince cover art-


Among the Mushrooms original painting-



Page of Cups-



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Hibiscus Fairy-fairy, fairies, cat, calico, hibiscus, red, flower, fairy art, cat lover, cute, meredith dillman




Illura-fantasy, star, moon, fairy, faerie, victorian, art, fairy art, blue, meredith dillman, fantasy art, woman



Chasing Butterflies-purple, fairy, cats, black cat, gothic, fairy art, gothic fairies, gothic fairy, anime fairy, painting, meredith dillman

Darkwings-gothic, purple, fairy, faerie, girl, gargoyle, medieval, fantasy, art


Oak Fairy-fairy art, fantasy art, fairy print, oak, fairy, green, forest, medieval, brunette, girl, watercolor, illustration, meredith dillman

Labyrinth Fairy-


Purple Moon-fairy art, fantasy art, fairy print, watercolor, illustration, anime fairy, fairy, fantasy, moon, purple, black, meredith dillman



Celestia's Dream-fairy, gothic window, stained glass, night, sky, moon, star, art, fairy art

Misty Rose-fairy art, pink, rose, red, misty, green, meredith dillman, fantasy art, fairies, faery, fairy


Faery Glen-green, fairy, blue, forest, cat, magic, fantasy, art, watercolor, meredith dillman, fairy art

Masquerade-fairy art, masquerade, siren, undine, water, mermaid, fantasy art, watercolor, fancy dress, butterfly, fairy

Crescent Moon 8x10-moon, fairy, blue, anime, manga, girl, art, fantasy, fairy art


Fairy Friends-fairy, pink, cherry blossom, cat, girl, anime, art, watercolor, cute, fairy art,

Celtic Violet-celtic, violet, flower, purple, fairy, fantasy, art, meredith, dillman, meredith dillman, fairy art



Bleeding Hearts-bleeding heart, fairy, pink, heart, red, meredith, dillman

Papillon angélique...