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Medicine Buddhist Mantra I Tibetan Buddhist Mantra | Nepali Buddha

Medicine Buddhist Mantra presented by Nepali Buddha ( )

This Medicine Buddhist Mantra is also Tibetan Buddhist Mantra.

Bekandze MAHA Bekandze

Bekandze means eliminating the pain,
Maha Bekandze great means for eliminating the pain.

An explanation of the first Bekandze is,
that it refers to eliminating the pain of true suffering
refers not only of disease but of all problems.
It eliminates the pain of death and rebirth,
caused by karma and disturbing thoughts.
It eliminates all the problems of body and mind, including aging and disease.

The second Bekandze
eliminates the true cause of the suffering is not external,
but within reason.
This refers to karma and disturbing thoughts.
It is the inner cause which external factors enabling condition for diseases to be.

The third phrase, the Maha Bekandze or "the big clearing,"
refers to the removal of even subtle impressions
in our consciousness, which are caused by disturbing thoughts.

The Medicine Buddha Mantra is really the remedy for all paths to awakening.

The first Bekandze contains the graduated path of the lower capable being in general;
the second Bekandze, the graduated path of the middle capable being in general;
and Maha Bekandze, the graduated path of the higher capable being.
The whole graduated path from the beginning to the unique happiness of full enlightenment
Medicine Buddha Mantra is included.

The mantra to recite leaves marks in our minds, we allow
are capable, the path also to realize, which is included in Mantra.
It establishes the blessings and grace of the full path within our heart.
We can then reach all the way to awakening.

The OM consists of three tones,
A, O and M, which stand for the fully pure and holy body of the Medicine Buddha,
and his holy speech and his holy mind mean.
The full path to awakening realizing it cleans our body, speech and mind
and converts it to the Medicine Buddha pure holy body, into the holy speech and in the holy mind.

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